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Our Soft Washing Services Clean and Protect Your Property in Des Moines, IA

Does the outside of your home look dingy and dirty? Being exposed to the elements year-round causes surfaces to accumulate mildew, dirt, stains, organic matter, and other pollutants that may end up being harmful to your health. Our crew in Des Moines, IA, provides soft washing services to remove all contaminants and bring new life to your home.

Iowa Powerwash's soft wash method is an environmentally safe method to clean your property. Washing at low pressures (60-80 psi.) allows us to be more thorough and remove the dirt from all gaps and crevices. We protect your outdoor areas!
Soft Pressure Washing is a Safer Solution

We recommend you contact an expert rather than do the job yourself. Completing a soft wash task without the right safety equipment can cause severe accidents. Additionally, we know how much pressure to apply on certain surfaces and the right technique to clean delicate areas. Using the wrong techniques can peel off your paint, damage items, strip off finishing, and other consequences that could lead to costly repairs. Keep your home looking great by contacting our professionals; we are known for offering a patio, garage, siding, and deck washing services.

Rely on Our Experts to Clean Your Property

Don’t risk damaging your house with a pressure washer or by hiring an inexperienced individual to blast away at your home. Our professionals know how much pressure they need to remove contaminants from delicate surfaces like vinyl, wood, stucco, brick, and metal. Our soft washing services will make your property safer for your family, kids, and pets. At Iowa Powerwash, we also offer maintenance programs to keep your outdoor areas in Des Moines, IA, clean!

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    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    • Matt and his crew did an amazing job washing the house and garage! The mold and mildew on the... read more

      Nikki Jorgensen

      Great guys, always there to help

      Phil Creese

      Matt is great to work with and makes things look like new!

      Melisha Pals
    • Excellent job!!!

      Krista Lindholm